Is Hemp Seed Oil and CBD the same?
    • No. Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD oil. Our Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed from only the seed of hemp plant while CBD oil extracted from the whole cannabis plant.
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    What is Hemp Seed Oil?
    • Hemp Oil can refer to a Full-Spectrum Oil from the C.sativa plant but our Hemp Seed Oil comes from just the seeds of the hemp plant.
    Is using Hemp Seed Oil legal in New Zealand and Australia?
    • Yes, 100%. Hemp Seed Oil is also known as Superfood/Dietary Supplement, so you are not breaking any law.
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    Will Hemp Seed Oil make you high?
    • Definitely, no. THC and CBD are present in these products as natural contaminants only. The level of THC and CBD allowed in Hemp Seed Oil is too low to make you high.
    Is Hemp Seed Oil have side effects?
    • Virtually none, except maybe if a person is sensitive to ingesting the oil or take the whole bottle in one go.
    What does Hemp Seed Oil do for you?
    • Hemp Seed aside is very nutritious, but as an oil, it is known for pain relief, helps with general stress and tension in the muscle, and has fatty acids that may help balance the skin and prevent inflammation.
    • Most research also shows Hemp Seed Oil has physiological benefits like getting a good night's sleep, weight control, Omega 3-6-9, and many more!
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    How's Hemp Seed Oil made?
    • We use the cold-pressed method to extract the oil from the premium Quality Hemp Seed we only source in New Zealand.
    Can Hemp Seed Oil help you lose weight?
    • Various research shows that Hemp Seed Oil may help with losing weight while boosting health. Know more with hempertise.
    Will Hemp Seed Oil clog pores?
    • No, it will not. It's rated zero on the comedogenic ingredients, so it will not clog your pores.
    Will Hemp Seed Oil help with pain?
    • According to the 2018 review, Hemp Seed Oil shows promise for the treatment of many types of pain and use by people as natural pain relief, even if the cause is inflammation.
    When does Hemp Oil expire?
    • A newly produced unopened Hemp Seed Oil Bottle will last for about 12 to 14 months while the opened bottle is advisable to be consumed with 3 to 6 months.