Six Hemp Oil Benefits to Women’s Health

Meet the rising star of 2020’s health industry, the hemp oil. Gaining popularity over recent years, studies show that it improves women’s health- helping reduce anxiety, relieve menstrual cramps, build muscle mass, and more. However, is it really effective? For those who ask this and doubt its wonders, here are the six hemp oil benefits to women that you should know.

  1. Hemp Oil Helps Beat Premenstrual Syndrome

No one likes the excruciating pain brought by premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Aside from the debilitating cramps, 75 percent of women around the globe suffer from severe headaches, mood swings, insomnia, and constipation due to PMS. The good news is that hemp oil can help alleviate some of its symptoms. Studies show that cannabinoids found in hemp oil have properties that can relieve pain and improve mood.

  1. Hemp Oil Helps Control Acne Breakouts

You’ve been looking forward to your summer outing. You had your swimsuit ready, and everything was going according to plan until THAT happened. You woke up one morning only to be greeted in the mirror by your acne breakout. Yup, it’s extremely gross for most, if not all women. 

Thankfully, emerging studies from the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggest that fatty acids in hemp oil help balance the skin properties and prevent inflammation that causes acne. The hemp oil affects the sebum glands in people with chronic acne, leading to reduced sebum production, fewer acne breakouts, and fast clearing.  

  1. Hemp Oil Reduces Anxiety

Let’s face it. Anxiety is no laughing matter that affects both men and women. While anyone can develop this, women suffer from anxiety at a rate twice that of men. Anxiety can lead to slow output in work and greatly impacts your relationships with others. 

To treat this condition, various forms of supplements and drugs were studied, including hemp oil. Numerous research shows that properties in hemp oil reduce stress. It also helps prevent anxiety and depression by instructing your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to boost our mind’s mechanism for relaxation.

  1. Hemp Oil Helps Provide Relief from Autoimmune Diseases

One out of every five adults suffers from some autoimmune condition. Among these numbers, 75 percent are women. Thousands of women suffer from lupus, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis every year, enduring severe inflammation. To alleviate their pain, many have decided to seek for new relievers, like hemp oil. Recent studies show that hemp seeds can significantly reduce inflammation and provide relief to women who are in pain. It signals the brain to produce relaxants, therefore reducing the sensation caused by the autoimmune disease.

  1. Hemp Oil May Help Prevent Diabetes

There is no concrete evidence showing that hemp oil can reduce diabetes risk. Even so, a study from Hebrew University Medical School produced promising results with the help of mice.

In an experiment conducted by Lola Weiss, female mice that were prone to diabetes were divided into two groups. Group A was given hemp oil, and Group B was left untreated. After months of observation, the experiment shows that 78 percent of the mice that took hemp oil did not develop diabetes, while 100 percent of the untreated cluster developed the illness.

  1. Hemp Oil Helps Promote Better Sleep

Getting long, proper sleep is a struggle, especially for working ladies and busy moms. It’s hard to manage your schedule, deal with stress, and just go to sleep. When falling asleep is difficult, you can look at the benefits of hemp oil. Cannabinoid from hemp boosts the action of the ECS, helping you sleep better and longer. It also contributes to improved memory, so you can be fully charged to start the day.


Hemp oil boasts countless benefits aside from the ones mentioned above. It has served our ancestors for thousands of years. And it will continue to help us out with our physical, mental, and other health needs.