Say NO to COVID-19

We are currently living in a world where we are undeniably vulnerable to infectious diseases like the COVID-19 virus, which already caused a pandemic around the globe. 

The good thing is that we have the Immune System. 

The Immune System is the body's defense against infectious diseases. It destroys germs (bacteria and viruses) and parasites. But this defense system fails at times and becomes out of balance. 

When out of balance, the immune system not only fails to protect the body but can even attack it, mistaking “self” cells for invading bacteria and viruses, resulting in a person getting infections more frequently than most other people, and these illnesses might be more severe or harder to treat.

A balanced Immune System keeps us away to infectious diseases like bacteria and viruses, but how can we keep our Immune System balance?

And that's where the ECS comes in!

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates various cardiovascular, nervous, and Immune System functions inside cells. We all have an ECS in our bodies. Not only is the ECS a natural part of our bodies, but it's also a crucial one. 

But a person with INACTIVE ECS will not be able to support its Immune System to the fullest.

With our Hemp Seed Oil essential phytocannabinoids, it ACTIVATES THE ECS in your body. So when something is operating outside of the right range or when the virus is at bay, your body has the active ECS to help correct it and provide support and balance to your Immune System when needed the most.